Beer Guide

Beer by Serafino’s

The first thing actually manufactured by man and woman was beer. Beer became an important staple in daily life and also a great commodity in trading. Today, beer is said to be the third most popular drink in the world after tea and water. Here at Serafino's, we are all about the beer! In fact we stock over 450 malted beverages that we find are changing weekly. We have representative beers from 20 of the top craft breweries in the US; and representative beers from 20 of the top 30 Overall US Breweries, as rated by the Brewers Association.

Beer: We All Love It, But What Is It?

Heat your grain in water to produce a malted wort, add yeast which feeds off the sugars produced by the grain, and presto! You have formed alcohol! Add hops to balance the malt. Add herbs, spices, and fruit for extra oomph and character.

Beer Styles

Basically beers can be divided into ales and lagers. Ales are warm fermented quickly over a few weeks and lagers are cooler fermented over a longer period of time. Lagers are drier, clearer, with little yeast flavor; ales more complex. If you want to talk about regional differences and characteristics, now that's a different story!

And one more thought: are we fortunate to live in such a beer "prosperous" state, or what? Travel the states a little...you can see first hand how great a "beer state" Michigan truly is.

Mix -A-Six of Michigan Craft Brews

Do you want to drink your way into the craft beer craze, but you don't know much about what brewery or beer type you really like yet? Serafino's has the answer - mix-a-six of craft brews! You can choose from every Michigan craft beer that is currently available for retail sale, or selected top-rated craft brews from the US and other countries. If you like pale ales, mix a variety of pale ales - or you could try a sampler pack - a pale, an IPA, a wheat, a brown. Don't stop at mix-a-six: mix-a-twelve, or even a case! A lot of beer is broken down to single bottle pricing to offer you a chance for tasting variety. Case discounts always given.

Beer in barrels, quarter barrels, mini kegs. A lot of craft brews are available by the keg, also. Inquire if what you would like to purchase is available from our distributors for retail sale, or if it's a bar only draft selection. Call to reserve a keg today!

Domestic Craft Brews

Serafino’s has not limited their craft brew selection to just the state of Michigan. Our products represent breweries from numerous other states. This list is always expanding, so let us know if you have tried a brew we need to inquire about. Again, not every domestic craft brew is distributed in our area, so we will check into it and let you know if it’s available.